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Inge Lagae’s style of design is renowned for its use of beautiful, lasting and timeless materials which are fashioned in their purest form sourced from nature. A successful interior radiates peace and calm and reflects the personality of the owner as interpreted by the designer.

Bespoke advice on your interior.
From first ideas to completion.

Creating a new interior starting with the room as an empty shell

With every new project Inge Lagae imagines the space devoid of everything in it – without furniture or partitions. She starts with an empty shell and gives herself the freedom to fill it up again, unfettered by preconceived notions.
Your wishes and lifestyle are her main source of inspiration. She immerses herself in it totally and completely. Together with her, you decide where particular living functions should be placed and how you bring them to life. Of course, other aspects play part: the environment, the angle of the light, the orientation, ...

Colours and materials that bring peace and harmony

Timeless and at the same time contemporary interiors are Inge Lagae’s hallmark. The materials are of top quality and exude – without imposing it – an unassuming, discrete luxury. For Inge Lagae the materials are all. They inspire her and set her creative juices flowing. Over the years this has given her an extensive knowledge of them.

The choice of colours, too, is a matter of considerable thought. Having discussed it with you, she puts together colour samples made up especially for you and perfected until they are just right.

Furniture: both bespoke and exquisitely-selected collection pieces

In order to make the most of the space, Inge Lagae attends to everything in the finest detail. She chooses for you the best pieces from collections without making them look like a magazine photo-shoot. Easy for you because she knows what’s around and where to find it.

Often she mixes these with bespoke pieces: wall items, wardrobes, dressers, tables. Her designs are refined and the materials she uses pure and natural. To produce and finish them she works with a handful of established partners, all of whom are genuine craftsmen who love their job. So you, as the principal, can be assured of being in the safest possible hands.

Of course, you can also go for one of the Inge Lagae limited-edition collection pieces: each piece a gem of Belgian quality design.

Pieces come alive in their context

If you have particular pieces of furniture or decorative items that mean a lot to you for their emotional or exceptionally aesthetic value, they can be given pride of place in your project.

Inge Lagae loves nothing more than to integrate them into your new interior because they give it a purpose.
And that’s where her creative background as a stage designer comes into its own; for she sees the project as a set-design. It’s surprising how with just a few minor tweaks here and there, she manages to achieve such astonishing results: re-upholstering a chair, hanging a carpet as a work of art, making a decorative item functional.
Incorporating the new, your interior will look highly eclectic and unique. And Inge sees to it that it all works together.

Yes, I like that approach.


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