Working from a belief in beautiful interiors that are sustainable and unique

Working from a belief in beautiful interiors that are sustainable and unique

From the moment you first meet Inge Lagae, you get the feeling that here is a woman who loves aesthetic and sustainable materials. She’s steeped in them.

Her greatest challenge? The ultimate happiness of her clients, in the belief that as people, we are happiest when the space in which we live and work reflects our personality. That brings peace and harmony.

Her ability to listen and empathise ensures that you are always the focus of her attention. You are the principal actor. Your needs and wishes determine the script. Inge Lagae translates it into a coherent story: YOUR unique interior.

    Inge Lagae

    Born in Roeselare, Belgium, 1968
    Lives and works in Brussels since 1989

    Studied stage and interior design in Bruges, Belgium (1985 – 1988)
    Roeselare Fine Arts Academy - Stedelijke Academie voor Schone Kunsten (SASK)
    Projects and workshops in the arts and design sector (1989 – 1995)
    Collaboration with Ola-dele Kuku, architect/artist on the production of Opera Domestica and other projects (1995 – 2005)
    Design and execution of various interior and furniture assignments since 2005

    INTERIEUR AWARD “Object” 2016 with the Labyrinth project (steel installation)
    “Objet Particulier”, a series of designs for functional objects in the living-space

    Float (table - wood) 2009
    Dante’s Labyrinth (library – wood) 2010
    Aleko’s Wall 2011
    Woodstock (buffet- wood) 2015
    Labyrinth (book and art shelf, installation – steel) 2016
    Labyrinth In Between (book and art shelf – wood) 2016
    Labyrinth (book and art shelf - Carbone fibre) 2017
    Cabinet I (sideboard, wood and steel) 2018
    Cabinet IV for Marac Italia (sideboard, wood and steel) 2018
    Mondriaan for Marac Italia (book and art shelf, wood, steel or brass) 2018

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